Launching in spring 2021: Cambridge Flower Journal

Thank you for visiting this project site. My name is Katherine Selby and I’m the founder and editor of Cambridge Flower Journal, a brand new space for sharing stories specifically about flowers in Cambridgeshire, UK.

This project will present a selection of carefully-crafted stories, establishing a lively flower-loving readership. It will become an educational space which champions gardening, growing and floristry in this county.

Additionally this site will help readers to find wonderful events and opportunities, such as open gardens and courses, which tap into the beauty of flowers and plants locally. These will be shared in our Calendar and updated regularly.

Enjoying the wild fields around Eddington, Cambridge back in 2018

Personally I’m an amateur when it comes to gardening, having recently begun creating a garden from scratch. My goal is for any stories from Cambridge Flower Journal to be educational, mindful and celebratory, which are things we need in 2021 more than ever. These stories should inspire readers to get outdoors and gardening, support local floristry and plant businesses, and visit open gardens in our area, while exploring sustainability in these areas.

I hope you’ll enjoy tapping into Cambridge Flower Journal as the project progresses, and do get in touch if you’d like to share a story suggestion – it’d be brilliant to hear from you! If it’s easier, I’m also contactable on Twitter.

With best wishes,

🌞 Katherine

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