Signs of spring

I spent around four hours in the garden this weekend, pulling up weeds and clearing leaf debris to make space for what’s unfurling across my little flower beds…

Sedum ‘Carl’ is making an appearance after I cut it back pretty hard in late autumn.
It is one of my very favourite plants in the garden, as the bees adore it, and it has beautiful solid flower heads.
Promising signs of new life for this white Forsythia,
which we only planted last summer and I’ve never seen in bloom.
The yellow Forsythia is ahead of the curve and already flowering.
The plant is super short, but I’m sure it’ll soon gain height.
I planted all kinds of daffodils across the back garden last autumn,
and any day now they will begin to bring new sunshine.
Tulips, too, are soaring upwards ahead of springtime.
I’ll share what they are as soon as they appear!
This is a sight I’d never seen before as a new gardener –
Hyacinth ‘China Pink’ breaking through the bark in our front bed.
Out the front our Hydrangea is also bringing some new greenery to the party.
I’m not sure which variety this is as my mum bought it for me and it didn’t have a
description on the label; hopefully I’ll find out in time.

A note on seedlings…
Confession: I began talking about spring a little prematurely this year, and followed seed packet guidance that we can begin sowing cosmos, sunflowers etc indoors in March. This has resulted in my seedlings being leggy – a term I was unaware of as a newbie to growing from seed. I’ve since learned that this is because the seed, on breaking, can sense there isn’t sufficient light on the windowsill and pushes the seedling rapidly upwards and sideways towards what little light there is in a bit of a panic. I’ll know for next time to wait until mid-April to begin sowing; put the trays outside whenever the sun is out; and turn the trays regularly to keep the seedlings from bending too much one way.

Above are some Nasturtium ‘Bloody Mary’ which have leapt up perhaps too quickly. I’ll pot a few of them on soon and then plant them outdoors once the last frost has passed.

Beyond my garden, I’m looking forward to sharing a couple of stories about botanical art in the coming weeks – look out for those!

Wishing you a good week ahead.

Until next time,

🌞 Katherine

6 thoughts on “Signs of spring

    1. Thank you, Diana. Yes, exactly the same – many flowers planted to cheer us during these complicated times. I’m sure we’ll appreciate them in the years ahead all the more.

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  1. Good luck on all the new plants! I made the same mistake with some of my seedlings (tomato especially), and now count the days until I can move them into their permanent homes.
    Have you had any plants start growing that you can’t remember planting?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I’m about to sow some tomato seeds this weekend actually. Hopefully they’ll be ok.
      I’m sure as some plants pop up in the coming days I’ll realise I’d forgotten about them. It’s all too easy…! Pinterest boards help though.


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