The first days of spring

There is quite a bit going on out here now, and several times this week I’ve heard an exceptionally loud, huge bumblebee zooming around the garden.

These are the first daffodils and crocuses from a mixed little bag;
tulips are also growing in this pot, tussling for a good spot.
Narcissus ‘Red Devon’ appeared this weekend – I love this daffodil.
I believe this is Primula Denticulata ‘Lilac’ beginning to bloom.
Kerria japonica pleniflora ‘Golden Guinea’…
I bought this to remind me of my mum’s garden when we were growing up.
 Tulip ‘Ice Stick’ is getting there.
Wallflowers are my favourite plants to photograph lately;
their leaves are such a rich colour and interesting shape.
The last of our initial crocuses…they’ve been lovely
and will soon be replaced by the surge of tulips you can see behind.

In the coming weeks I’ll definitely take photos of the other bulbs popping up around the place. It’s a small garden but we’ve crammed quite a lot in as enthusiastic amateurs.

I’ve also edited a couple of fascinating stories on artists whose work features flowers, and will share these once they’re ready!

Wishing you a good week ahead, until next time,

🌞 Katherine

P.S. I’m happy that Gardeners’ World is back on tele…I’d resorted to watching re-runs and even an old show Alan Titchmarsh made years ago on the seasons for a bit of inspiration. If you’re looking for ideas and helpful guidance on gardening this spring, and a few fun things to do, take a look at the Cambridge Flower Journal calendar.

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