Saturday morning finds: violets, tulip ice stick, daffs

It’s a gorgeous sunny morning in Cambridge, and while weeding the back garden was fun(!) I enjoyed exploring what’s blooming and taking photos much more…

Tulip ‘Ice Stick’ is a wonderful surprise. I didn’t expect it to have such a yellow centre and it really is beautiful –
both when open and also when closed…
…in the latter state it looks like a little stick of rock or ice lolly, sprayed lightly with pale red or pink.
I couldn’t resist another shot of these ‘Red Devon’ daffodils.
They’ve done well to survive the blustery weather of the past few days.
My mum gifted me these sweet little violets from her own garden.
I only planted this hellebore a couple of months ago, and we’re yet to see any flowers, but I’m happy to wait.

That’s it for now! We’re setting up a herb ladder today which will be interesting.

Wishing you a lovely restful weekend ahead,

๐ŸŒž Katherine

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