Before the April snow

What a random week, weather-wise: sunshine, heavy cloud, and now snow. That’s Britain, right?! I managed to spend quite a bit of time in our little garden neatening the beds and watering pots before the frost arrived, and during that time I took the photos below.

My favourite thing at the moment is this Kerria japonica pleniflora ‘Golden Guinea’. My mum described it as looking like giant buttercups. I intended to choose the variety that is double-flowered, but have found I actually prefer this one. A happy accident!
This Primula Denticulata ‘Lilac’ is tiny and beautifully vibrant.
I love the star shape of this little daffodil – not sure which variety it is. Any idea…?
A lone fritillaria meleagris surprised me.
A combination of Tulip ‘Ice Stick’ and Russian snowdrops in a pot.
The blossom on this Prunus ‘Little Pink Perfection’ is beginning to come out.
And last but not least, Hyacinth ‘China Pink’…which has an incredible scent, especially when put in a vase.

I’m looking forward to the sun returning and watching for signs of more new life in the coming weeks. I’ve stopped weeding the beds for a bit to make sure I don’t get rid of anything nice – for example the dill seeds I threw around a week or two ago…!

What’s been your favourite flower find lately? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time,

🌞 Katherine

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