Here, there and everywhere

I watched Love & Mercy, a film about the life of Brian Wilson last week, and it inspired me to listen to lots of songs by both the Beach Boys and The Beatles – bands which until now I’d only listened to a handful of songs by. My dad made me a playlist and from there I went about creating my own, with my personal favourites so far 🌻

Anyway, ‘here, there and everywhere’ perfectly describes what’s going on in the garden as spring continues – different flowers are popping up each week. Below are some of the interesting things that are unfurling now. I’ve also looked into some facts about them as I’m keen to learn more about what’s growing here.

Tiny Lithodora diffusa ‘Grace Ward’ spilling over a pot. What a gorgeous blue this is…
(I read somewhere that it is best described as ‘gentian blue’).
Primula veris (cowslip) looks beautiful in the spring sunshine.
According to, vernacular names for this plant include
‘freckled face’ and ‘golden drops’…how lovely 😊
More of the wallflowers my mum gave me are blooming now.
She picked them up from someone selling them outside their house,
back in autumn (they were whole, roots and leaves, in paper bags) and have stayed
green all winter since being planted here.
And finally, I think this is Digitalis purpurea ‘Dalmation Purple’ (foxglove), but time will tell…
as a new gardener I was surprised to see this almost blooming at this point in the year,
but when I looked it up I found it is common for foxgloves to do so in May/June onwards.

I look forward to sharing more garden finds in the weeks ahead.

🌞 Katherine

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