A rainy afternoon wander around Great Thurlow Hall

I visited Great Thurlow Hall in Suffolk this weekend, and took a few quick phone snaps of things which stood out as especially beautiful and fascinating…

Alliums in the red and purple border – looking gorgeous against the old brick wall.
Look at all those beautiful little plants growing on the wall itself, too.
Allium cristophii further along the border; I love their starry shapes.
Indian Rhubarb lining the area around a bridge over the River Stour.
This totally fascinated me – I’d never seen it before.
Little details like these geraniums and forget-me-nots nestled
between paving spaces made this place feel very special.

Beyond this, the abundance of cow parsley and established trees in the arboretum – which follows the line of the river – guarantee a peaceful and inspirational visit, no matter the weather.

I highly recommend exploring this wonderful garden when it is next open within the National Garden Scheme. I’d love to return in summertime when the peonies are blooming; and earlier in spring for the daffodils.

Until next time,

๐ŸŒž Katherine

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