New curiosities

My day job is a little intense at the moment, and I’ve consequently spent less time in the garden with shorter lunch breaks, so this weekend I was glad to take a moment to notice what’s changed.

The gaps in our beds are lessening week by week, as plants fill out and more flowers than I anticipated greet the season. I’m also noticing the blooms that are bowing out for summertime…

The poppies have said farewell for this year. I love their seed-heads.
This scabious is huge – a lone flower on the plant currently.
A pair of giant, mystery alliums have appeared. (I think these may be the ‘Green Drops’ variety).
Allium ‘Hair’ continuing to delight.
This is a lupin ‘Masterpiece’ flower-head…amazing depth of colour.
My favourite thing in the garden this week: thalictrum flavum (yellow meadow rue) is so frothy and tall.
A pretty, short allium ‘multibulbosum Nigrum’.

Which flowers are you especially loving in your garden, or out and about, this month?

Until next time,

🌸 Katherine

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