Changing seasons

There are signs of significant change, as summer relaxes into autumn here in the UK.

The roses have amazed us with a second flush that is bolder than the first.

Grown from seed: scabiosa atropurpurea ‘Black Cat’.
Likewise this callistephus chinensis ‘Tower Chamois’.

Rosa ‘Munstead Wood’ remains my favourite of the year, with its velvety texture and scent.
A lovely colour combination…leaves of pulmonaria surrounded by achillea.

I’ll close with words from Rhys Lewis’ recent song, Seasons, which is a welcome reminder of impermanence in life – just as happiness is something we can cultivate and remain open to shifting in source, we must remember that difficulty and suffering are not permanent, and every moment is new.

We all go through seasons
We’re changing all the time
It can’t always be summer
Even in July
So however cold you’re feeling
How ever grey your mind
Spring will be here soon
It’s okay to be blue
We all go through seasons

You don’t judge a lake for freezing over
You don’t curse the leaves for turning brown
And you don’t blame the days for getting shorter
So why’d you blame yourself for getting down?

Wishing everyone a restful Sunday.

Until next time,

🌹 K

3 thoughts on “Changing seasons

    1. Hi Anita, thank you for stopping by here! Yes they are David Austin – super reliable and repeat flowering.


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