More of the depths of winter

Some hazy photos taken yesterday, on a sunny-cloudy-breezy afternoon here in Cambridge.

First bed:

Daphne bholua ‘Jacqueline Postill’ smells delicious, and she’s surrounded by clouds of…
…winter aconites – I love their skirt-like foliage.
Also nearby are these cream primroses. They’re taking a while to establish here.

Rose bed:

Little orange crocuses are blooming here now, lapping up the morning sunshine when they can.


It looks like our magnolia is going to flower this year (which will be for the first time!)
I think this is Helleborus × hybridus Double Ellen Red, showing signs of life as a very young plant.
 Iris reticulata ‘Katherine’s Gold’ has popped up in a couple of our pots.

Wishing you a peaceful weekend,

🌞 K

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