Bank holiday beauties

It’s a wonderfully sunny bank holiday Monday here in Cambridge, and before sorting several things out in the garden (e.g. staking and weeding), I thought I’d snap a few photos of what’s looking especially pretty.

It’s the first year in which most beds appear quite full here by early May, which is exciting. This time last year things were quite a bit smaller and separate.

The blossom from this dwarf cherry tree is just lovely.
I planted so many ranunculus and only a few popped up, but the ones that did certainly are fascinating!
Euphorbia epithymoides, ‘cushion spurge’ and a rather giant teasel are beginning to soar to the sky.
I learned to water tulips in pots more regularly this year…ours are rather short, though still gorgeous.
This ‘Charming Lady’ is very painterly…
…as are these parrot varieties.
I also packed perhaps too many bulbs into each pot, as this overflowing one indicates…!
This sweet little bunny’s tail grass came from seed and survived the mild winter.
The clumps of forget-me-nots have been my favourite thing out here for a few weeks now.
They are delicate, cheery and move around in the breeze so beautifully.

I hope you’re enjoying your garden and the delights that this season brings.

๐ŸŒž K

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