Very superstitious

Today I was invited to become a wellbeing advocate at work, which took me by surprise and I was delighted. This will involve completing mental health first aid training and learning about wellbeing practices. I am also planning a ‘wellbeing wander’ for a festival that’s coming up in our organisation, which is inspired by one I followed at Anglesey Abbey a couple of years ago 🌸

Besides this, it’s a stunning afternoon here in Cambridge – breezy, sunny and quiet. An iris has bloomed for the first time in our little garden, and the roses are not far behind.

Worth the wait – Iris ‘Superstition’ glistening in the sunlight.
Fascinating form – I took several detail shots…
…so many interesting aspects to this flower.
Meanwhile, Papaver ‘Victoria Louise’ isn’t willing to be outshone!
Geum ‘Scarlet Tempest’ surrounds an ever-growing teasel
…and in a less showy corner of the garden, Persicaria bistorta ‘Superba’ is beginning to bloom. They are very tactile.
I can’t decide which part of geraniums I love more – the flowers or foliage? Leaning towards the latter today.

Wishing you an enjoyable day,

🌞 K

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