‘If I had a flower for every time I thought of you…

…I could walk through my garden forever.’

Eustacia Vye.
A pretty pair.
Placing a big pot of salvia by your window or door is a wonderful means of being able to watch bees come and go from indoors.
No editing…it is just this vibrant!
A geum getting to the light (it will be relocated this autumn so it sees more sunlight throughout the day).

I’ve been enjoying watching the RHS Chelsea Flower Show this week. Having caught a glimpse of the gardens on-screen, my favourites seem to be Andy Sturgeon’s Mind garden, Pollyanna Wilkinson’s Mothers for Mothers garden, and the Morris & Co garden designed by Ruth Willmott. The planting in all three gardens looks just beautiful and I love the way they have used walls, benches and metalwork to frame the trees and flowers. Have you tuned in, and if so, what are your favourite designs?

Wishing you lovely weekends,

๐ŸŒž K

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