Soft focus

I’m enjoying looking at our garden in soft focus this week – spending a little time gazing into the distance and noticing the patterns, movement and light rather than sharply looking at (or criticising) one area. It’s relaxing for the mind and helps you soak in the atmosphere instead of listing all the things that could/should change!

This afternoon I took some photographs of the back garden in an effort to document how it looks in early June.

Rosa Mundi is flowering, and the bees love her ๐Ÿ’
The row of roses is looking fuller this year. Here are some of them up-close:
Rosa ‘Scepter’d Isle’ is nestled in another bed – such a beautiful rose.
Another view.
Further back, this teasel has taken over…! And the poppies are still going strong.
The geranium I bought from Shirley at Clover Cottage last year is doing well, too.

I hope you enjoy the bank holiday weekend if you’re in the UK.

๐ŸŒž K

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