Late summer roses, asters and a mystery flower

The past couple of months have been very busy and warm.

The below photographs capture a third flush of roses, pretty asters, a giant himalayan honeysuckle, dried-out teasels, and my dad’s favourites (yellow hellenium).

Cosmos, verbena and a self-sown hairy willowherb have been allowed to go as wild as they like as September approaches.

Scepter’d Isle has opened up
Asters and verbena
Himalayan honeysuckle
Mystery flower…later identified as hairy wilowherb
Huge white cosmos, verbena and fennel
Asters and verbena
Eustacia Vye

I’m listening to Aukai today and have updated my writing/art page, Breathing into bloom, with new entries. Perhaps see you there.

Am I looking forward to autumn? Yes – for cooler days, autumn colour and new beginnings.

☀ K

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