Signs of spring

I spent around four hours in the garden this weekend, pulling up weeds and clearing leaf debris to make space for what’s unfurling across my little flower beds… A note on seedlings…Confession: I began talking about spring a little prematurely this year, and followed seed packet guidance that we can begin sowing cosmos, sunflowers etcContinue reading “Signs of spring”

The final days of winter

Don’t wish your life away, my wonderful nanna would say if she could hear me this morning, counting how many days we have until the rule of six returns here in England. And she’d be right – even during these weird, quiet times in which most of us can’t meet family or friends in person,Continue reading “The final days of winter”

Launching in spring 2021: Cambridge Flower Journal

Thank you for visiting this project site. My name is Katherine Selby and I’m the founder and editor of Cambridge Flower Journal, a brand new space for sharing stories specifically about flowers in Cambridgeshire, UK. This project will present a selection of carefully-crafted stories, establishing a lively flower-loving readership. It will become an educational spaceContinue reading “Launching in spring 2021: Cambridge Flower Journal”