Much promise

There is hope in the promise of new life and colour in springtime. Looking out of the window even on a grey, rainy day, I revel in the sight of green shoots and leaves, and of bulbs peering from pots, getting ready to bloom. Today, yellow is aplenty here… The pink of this cercis isContinue reading “Much promise”

Quiet autumn magic

From this morning – faded chive seed heads, verbena, strange teasel greenery, and other tangled, rain-washed things… ✨ K P.S. Over the past few weeks I’ve been running short mindfulness sessions in my workplace, and included ‘mindful looking’, in which we each chose a natural object and looked carefully at it, then drew and/or wroteContinue reading “Quiet autumn magic”

Late summer roses, asters and a mystery flower

The past couple of months have been very busy and warm. The below photographs capture a third flush of roses, pretty asters, a giant himalayan honeysuckle, dried-out teasels, and my dad’s favourites (yellow hellenium). Cosmos, verbena and a self-sown hairy willowherb have been allowed to go as wild as they like as September approaches. I’mContinue reading “Late summer roses, asters and a mystery flower”

Soft focus

I’m enjoying looking at our garden in soft focus this week – spending a little time gazing into the distance and noticing the patterns, movement and light rather than sharply looking at (or criticising) one area. It’s relaxing for the mind and helps you soak in the atmosphere instead of listing all the things thatContinue reading “Soft focus”