Late summer roses, asters and a mystery flower

The past couple of months have been very busy and warm. The below photographs capture a third flush of roses, pretty asters, a giant himalayan honeysuckle, dried-out teasels, and my dad’s favourites (yellow hellenium). Cosmos, verbena and a self-sown hairy willowherb have been allowed to go as wild as they like as September approaches. I’mContinue reading “Late summer roses, asters and a mystery flower”

Soft focus

I’m enjoying looking at our garden in soft focus this week – spending a little time gazing into the distance and noticing the patterns, movement and light rather than sharply looking at (or criticising) one area. It’s relaxing for the mind and helps you soak in the atmosphere instead of listing all the things thatContinue reading “Soft focus”

‘If I had a flower for every time I thought of you…

…I could walk through my garden forever.’ I’ve been enjoying watching the RHS Chelsea Flower Show this week. Having caught a glimpse of the gardens on-screen, my favourites seem to be Andy Sturgeon’s Mind garden, Pollyanna Wilkinson’s Mothers for Mothers garden, and the Morris & Co garden designed by Ruth Willmott. The planting in allContinue reading “‘If I had a flower for every time I thought of you…”

Very superstitious

Today I was invited to become a wellbeing advocate at work, which took me by surprise and I was delighted. This will involve completing mental health first aid training and learning about wellbeing practices. I am also planning a ‘wellbeing wander’ for a festival that’s coming up in our organisation, which is inspired by oneContinue reading “Very superstitious”

Things I’ve learned while creating our first garden

This weekend has been a time of reflection, so today I’m sharing 21 months-worth of things I’ve noticed, learned and loved since beginning this garden. (Maybe) donโ€™t buy one of everything I was incredibly excited to get started, and as a beginner fell into the trap of buying a single pot of each plant IContinue reading “Things I’ve learned while creating our first garden”

Bank holiday beauties

It’s a wonderfully sunny bank holiday Monday here in Cambridge, and before sorting several things out in the garden (e.g. staking and weeding), I thought I’d snap a few photos of what’s looking especially pretty. It’s the first year in which most beds appear quite full here by early May, which is exciting. This timeContinue reading “Bank holiday beauties”

Changing seasons

There are signs of significant change, as summer relaxes into autumn here in the UK. The roses have amazed us with a second flush that is bolder than the first. I’ll close with words from Rhys Lewis’ recent song, Seasons, which is a welcome reminder of impermanence in life – just as happiness is somethingContinue reading “Changing seasons”