Growing, day by day

It’s wonderful to watch plants grow in springtime. This is my first spring with a garden, so everything is extra exciting!

The first bed I made here has really started to fill out this week, with plants like hosta, viburnum and geum unfurling and blooming in the daylight. I wasn’t expecting the latter (pictured below) to be so orange in tone, as initially this bed was going to be all reds, purples, pinks and splashes of yellow and white. I’m happy to go with the flow – it’s lovely.

‘First bed’ doing its thing. The sunshine was beautiful this morning.
Viburnumย opulus ‘Roseum’ beginning to flower.
The first of a group of Tulip ‘Greenland’ has bloomed in its pot.

Soon the plants will be soaring into any warmer, longer periods of sunshine we’re gifted with. I’ve noticed quite a few alliums looking ready to do just that.

If you’re on Instagram, you can find me there at @camflowerjourn. I don’t share updates much as marketing is my day job, so in my spare time I try to avoid spending too much time on social media…! but I do love seeing other gardeners’ progress there, and finding new inspiration and wisdom.

Until next time,

๐ŸŒž Katherine

3 thoughts on “Growing, day by day

    1. Thanks as ever, Meg – you’re very kind! Exactly – it’s exciting to see signs of new life all the time.


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