We’ve been living here a year now.

Here’s what the garden looked like this time last year. We soon got some turf put down so we wouldn’t be living in a mud bath all winter, and carved out some beds.

The same view but slightly side-on, this week.
(Treating plants to a slow-release seaweed feed in spring supports their initial growth).
My favourite in the garden right now: Echinacea purpurea ‘Magnus’.
Thalictrum ‘Splendide White’ took a while to arrive.
Verbena bonariensis is a magnet for bees.
Allium ‘Green Drops’ leans into the ever-expanding fennel.
I found this Scabiosa (I believe columbaria subsp. ochroleuca) while on holiday and it’s quickly settled in.
I scattered quite a few Papaver somniferum laciniatum, ‘Black Swan’ seeds months ago.
They’ve resulted in tiny poppies which last around a day or two at most. Gorgeous.
Solidago is a new love of mine…it looks celebratory, like a big golden firework.
This variety is called ‘Goldkind’.
It’s fuchsia season.

I’m looking forward to another gardening year, and to learning much more about plants and how to care for them. Here’s hoping some birds visit this autumn/winter, too (so far the singular sighting I’ve made is of a partridge running along the grass!)

Which plants are you especially loving in your garden lately? I’d love to hear.

Wishing you a happy weekend.

Until next time,

🌞 K

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